Baskin Robbins Cake Bites {Giveaway}

Here in NOLA, just about every holiday party we attend will have petit fours.  This deliciously decadent treat consists of a square piece of cake covered in poured icing…perfect size to sample a few.  In fact, the National Restaurant Association declares that mini desserts are one of the biggest food trends of 2011!  While the … Read more

Have a Sweet Valentine’s Day with Baskin Robbins!

I love going out to a romantic dinner for Valentine’s Day.  But no matter how tasty the gourmet desserts look, I never have enough room to fit them after a full meal!  Rather than stuff yourself to capacity, why not surprise your sweetie with a special treat when you arrive home? Baskin Robbins has created … Read more

Granny’s Famous Butter Cookies!

When it came to my Granny’s cooking,  all of us had our “favorite” things that she would make.   For a few of us, it was her Butter Cookies.  The best part about making these is getting to use the fun cookie press.  This was my favorite part (besides eating them) and it took many tries and lots … Read more