Enjoy More Summer with an Easy Weeknight Meal

Thank you to NatureRaised Foods for sponsoring this article. Learn how NatureRaised Foods is “Doing What’s Right, Right from the Start™” in your area. With August nearly over, Summer is disappearing right before my eyes.  Before I know it, it will be time to gather the school supplies and start the hectic days of Fall.  … Read more

Our Favorite Popsicle {Giveaway}

This post was created in connection with my appointment as an Ambassador in the Popsicle® Blogger Program. Visit www.facebook.com/popsicle to join the conversation. When I was younger, I had a slight obsession with cinnamon.  I loved cinnamon gum, homemade cinnamon toothpicks and my all time favorite, Cinnamon Fire Jolly Ranchers.  Because the latter is hard … Read more

Sucre New Orleans Summer Macaron Giveaway

Warning: Continuing to read this post may cause excessive salivation which could lead to unintentional drooling on your keyboard.  But, it will be totally worth it. If you have joined me at my blog conference, Reviewer’s Retreat, you know how much the Staff and I adore Sucre New Orleans.  From the cupcakes to the candy … Read more

It’s Time to Geek Out and Celebrate Pi Day! #MCPiDay

Math and Science Geeks UNITE! Today is National Pi Day! The day we celebrate that little mathematical constant than wreaked havoc on my grade in Physics, Calculus and many a science lab report. π (better known as Pi)= 3.14159265359 Naturally, we celebrate National Pi Day on 3/14 (the first three digits of Pi).  I know … Read more

Sweet Birthdays with 1-800-Bakery.com

The beginning of every year is a hectic time in my home.  Both of my girls plus my husband have birthdays in the first three months of the year which means this house is in complete party mode for several weeks in a row.  As soon as the Christmas tree is down, this Mama starts … Read more

Fresh Baked Goodies Delivered to Your Doorstep with 1-800-Bakery.com

It’s no secret that I have a sweet tooth…or maybe several sweet teeth!  I do love a good fresh baked pastry from local New Orleans bakeries where the flavors and textures remind me of home and my childhood.  Fortunately, I live in my hometown and can get my favorites any time I please (however unfriendly … Read more