Tide and Downy: Lifting up Laundry (Giveaway)

Five years ago today, I sat in a hotel room in Shreveport, Louisiana awaiting the fate on my City while Hurricane Katrina unleashed her wrath.  We packed for a typical three day Hurricane evacuation (or “Hurrication” as we loving joke), but had no clue that those clothes would have to last us over three weeks. … Read more

Hope Remains Five Years Later

My blog, Experimental Mommy, just passed it’s second birthday.  As the site grows, I have had the privilege of traveling with the purpose of meeting bloggers, connecting with brands and honing my skills.  Most of the round table discussions begin with each person in attendance standing up and stating their name, blog name and where … Read more

Win tickets to the Essence Festival from Tide! CLOSED

The winner of this giveaway, selected by random.org, was #4:  Maria! Congrats!  You will receive an email shortly! Earlier this month, I had the pleasure of visiting the P&G Headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio to meet with the great people at Tide.  Even before I began working with Tide, I was always a loyal customer, but … Read more

Learning Laundry at Tide’s Fabric Care University!

If you are a regular reader, you know a few things about me.  I am a self-proclaimed science geek, I don’t cook, and laundry is my nemesis.  Although I consider myself an educated woman, I confess that I know little about the proper way to do laundry. Fortunately, Tide figured I could use a little … Read more

Tide Coldwater: Review and Giveaway

My family has always been a Tide family, but when I had the opportunity to meet the people who work for Tide while I was at BlogHer ’09, I became a forever customer.   While at the Conference, I was introduced to Tide Stain Release which has been a godsend in my home.  With one daughter … Read more

Tide spreads “Loads of Hope” (Gift #2)

Each and every review I have done on The Not-So-Blog has been a fun and enlightening experience.  But rarely (ok, never) have I done a review that hit so close to home.  As most of you know, my family and I were seriously impacted by Hurricane Katrina.  My home took in water, my place of … Read more