Summer Family Fun with Redbox

Unfortunately, the last few days of our summer vacation have been spent inside and away from the heavy rains here in New Orleans. Trying to keep the kids entertained has proven to be a monumental task. We have colored pictures, done some reading, practiced math skills, played Wii and even thrown a dance party but … Read more

Redbox Summer Family Fun with Kiara

With two young daughters in my home, we are certainly no stranger to princesses. In fact, we have an entire closet filled with costumes, tiaras, high heels, earrings, wands and jewelry…pink, of course. Because I have encouraged pretend play and imagination from a very early age, my daughters are comfortable with roll play games. I … Read more

Redbox Summer Family Fun with Dino Dan and Vacation Giveaway!

While my husband and I definitely encourage physical activity for our children, the summer in New Orleans can make outdoor fun next to impossible. When the temperatures rise, we bring the fun indoors and let the kids engage in imaginative play. With two daughters, most of the creativity centers around dance, art, princesses and kitchen … Read more

Reveal Your Movie Guilty Pleasure and Win $1,000 from Redbox!

What do you do for Summer Fun? As hot as it is here in New Orleans, we try to find as much indoor fun as possible which means lots of movies and popcorn with the kids! To celebrate summer fun, Redbox is asking moms, “What movie meant for kids do you secretly love to watch?” … Read more


Are you ready?  Do you feel lucky?  Here are the latest winners from Experimental Mommy: Mama Wants Her Body Back:  Shawna Blu-ray Player from Redbox:  Ty Constructive Playthings Cottage:  mframe PEEPS: Linda L. Sucre Macaroons: Carol G. Hershey’s Cookie Exchange:  CJ Hannah Montana DVD:  Bridgette B. Bank of America Gift Card:  Kelly Record a Story:  … Read more


Congrats to these lucky winners of my recent giveaways! Mama Wants Her Body Back DVD: Shawna Vick’s Starry Night Humidifier: Cathy W. and Kara P. Rothschild Kids Coat: Heather R. Hershey’s Stocking Giveaway: Becky Lightcatcher Curtains: Donna B. Cardstore.com: Susan Redbox Blu-Ray Player Giveaway: Ty You will all receive an email shortly. Please make sure … Read more