Are you ready?  Do you feel lucky?  Here are the latest winners from Experimental Mommy:

Mama Wants Her Body Back:  Shawna

Blu-ray Player from Redbox:  Ty

Constructive Playthings Cottage:  mframe

PEEPS: Linda L.

Sucre Macaroons: Carol G.

Hershey’s Cookie Exchange:  CJ

Hannah Montana DVD:  Bridgette B.

Bank of America Gift Card:  Kelly

Record a Story:  Traci S.

Tassimo:  Teegan B.

Bialetti Cookware:  Donna B.

Mrs. Butterworths:  Costana H.

Fresh Produce Clothing:  Cynthia R.

Puppy Pursuit:  Debbie S.

Whomp Charmz:  Karen B.

Tyson Anytizers:  Cheryl22

Prilosec Gift Card:  Jenn

Congrats to all the winners and thanks to everyone for participating!  The winners will receive an email shortly. Please make sure you read the Winner’s Policy before claiming your prize!

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