Envirosax Reusable Totes: Review

hypothesis Using eco-friendly totes to replace plastic bags will not only help the environment, but look incredibly stylish, too!


One Botanica reuseable tote from the Graphics Collection at Envirosax and a trip to the drug store.   About Envirosax:


The philosophy of Envirosax® is to help create a better future for our planet by spreading the environmental message through colour and script using the Envirosax® eco-friendly reusable bag as the vehicle.

Envirosax is proud to help protect the environment for tomorrow’s generation by providing an eco-friendly alternative to disposable shopping bags that have caused so much damage to the environment worldwide. Envirosax bags are lightweight, portable, waterproof and each one holds the equivalent of two supermarket plastic bags thanks to reinforced seams.


I am all for saving the Earth. I like to live here.  I do my part my recycling paper, plastic and batteries however, I have honestly never thought to try reusable totes when shopping.  When the opportunity to try out Envirosax arrived, I decided to try it out and see if I could be converted.  At first glance, the totes are incredibly cute!  I had a hard time picking just one!  Fortunately, you can buy 5 color coordinating totes at a time as a set or “pouch.”  When the Envirosax arrived, I couldn’t believe how small the tote was when folded!  I could definitely fit this in my purse!  I took the tote to a local drug store to pick up a few items and felt proud when I told the cashier that I didn’t need a plastic bag.  I think I will definitely use the Envirosax for quick grocery runs in the future!



Did you know that 380 billions plastic shopping bags are used every year in the United States?  Taking reusable totes, such as Envirosax,  to the store to replace plastic bags is one way you can help lower that number.  Envirosax are fashionable, practical, waterproof and can hold as many items as two plastic bags due to reinforced seaming.  They offer many colors and prints including children’s totes and organic cotton totes.  Make sure you check out Envirosax on Facebook and Twitter!

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6 thoughts on “Envirosax Reusable Totes: Review”

  1. I’ve been wanting some Envirosax. They have the cutest bags, but I never remember to actually take them with me to the store. I need to get better.

  2. I keep a whole mess of canvas bags in my car – right on the front seat, even – yet still manage to forget to bring them into the store with me. Envirosax has me covered now – I always have one in my purse! It rolls up handily and they just make it so easy for me to be green! Two thumbs up for Envirosax!

  3. Envirosax appear to be the answer to the question of how we can stop using all those environmentally damaging plastic bags. Not only are Envirosax ecologically beneficial they’re as attractive a they are practical.

    Thank you for the contest.

  4. Out of all the reusable bags Envirosax is the best!! I ALWAYS have at least one in my purse, so I always have it w/me. No forgetting it in the car, at home etc. They fold up so small & are so light, you don’t even know they’re there (like I need to add more weight to my purse!). And of course, they pretty. I have gotten many complements on my Envirosax.

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