What I’m wearing to BlogHer: Inquiring minds want to know!

Because I am the ultimate fashion guru (haha!), I figured that y’all are dying to know exactly what I am wearing to BlogHer next week (only 8 days away! eep!).

Close your eyes and imagine me strutting my stuff down the catwalk….(even I had to giggle at the image, don’t feel bad).

Thursday night I will be wearing this foxy little number to the MomDot dinner and maybe even a bathroom near you with the Bloggess (dress provided by StopStaring):


Friday night I will be appearing in the Lobby (because I’m not invited to any parties) wearing this adorable dress provided by Shabby Apple:


Friday and Saturday during the conference, I will be wearing tee shirts sponsored by my generous BlogHer sponsors, The Bomb Mom and Label Daddy.  I also purchased a few other items (seen below) just in case I need them.


And much to Kim’s dismay, I will not be wearing the Velcro suit (even though it is the sole reason I actually made it to BlogHer this year).  I just don’t think airport security would go for it.  Although, maybe the Velcro suit would get Tim Gunn’s attention! Hmmmmmm……

9 thoughts on “What I’m wearing to BlogHer: Inquiring minds want to know!”

  1. All very cute! I know where you can get some cha cha shoes to go with that white dress…… GOOD LUCK!!!!!!! You are going to have fun!

  2. That black dress is fabulous! You should Twitter that you haven’t gotten party invites and see if someone takes you under their wing (I’m shameless, I know 🙂 ).

    I hope you have a great time!

  3. You are going to look soooo gorgeous, you are bound to be invited to LOTS of parties!! Have a safe and wonderful time, and come back with lots and lots of pictures and stories. And I think you should wear at least SOMETHING with Velcro on it!!!

  4. Joey: You know, I had intentions of wearing it on the plane and then my hubby suggested that it may not make for such great travel wear! LOL! So, I will be wearing it once I get there!

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