Woobie Wear: Review

hypothesis The Woobie Wear line of hair accessories will be an item that Aubrie adores!  I predict she will want to wear her flower clip with her favorite tutu on a daily basis!

materials One Woobie Wear polka dot flower clip on a headband, crocheted hat, and an eager toddler!  About Woobie Wear:


“Woobie Wear flowers are all handmade on clips; therefore, making them removable and interchangeable on crocheted hats, headbands, clothing, or they can be worn alone in the hair. Create several different looks with the flower clips.

Our crocheted hat pattern is one of a kind designed exclusively for Woobie Wear and come with an adjustable/removable ribbon so one size fits all!

Woobie Wear’s products are timeless ~ unique, handcrafted flowers that never go out of style and will add that
special touch any outfit.”

methods The hardest part of this review was getting Aubrie to stay still long enough to place the headband on her head!  But once she saw the flower clip attached adorned with sparkles, she was hooked.



I love the fact that the flowers can be detached from the headband or hat and be interchanged to create a whole new look!  The crocheted hats are adjustable which is a great feature because both my daughters can wear the hat without it falling off.  The flowers are well made with quality materials.  I also love that Woobie Wear is raising money to donate flower hats to little girls with cancer.  Visit Woobie Wear to find out how to make a donation to this worthy cause.


Woobie Wear flower clips would make excellent gifts for little girls who love to dress up an accessorize!  The versatility of the clips makes the items very cost friendly!  Right now, Woobie Wear is giving away an ivory crocheted hat with flower clip, so visit their giveaway page for details!

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  1. That is the MOST adorable picture of a child that I have EVER seen!!!
    She is absolutely GORGEOUS!! You could die in those eyes — in ten years you are gonna have to LOCK HER UP!!!

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