Mutsy Grow Up! Booster Seat: Review and Discount Code

hypothesis Mutsy’s Grow Up! booster seat will be a great way for Aubrie to transition from her highchair to an actual seat at the family table.


One Mutsy Grow Up! booster seat in Apple, meatballs and spaghetti, and my 18 month old daughter, Aubrie.   About Mutsy:

mutsylogoThe Mutsy collection is expertly designed to meet parents’ every need with a unique modular system that is extremely flexible.  The basis of the Mutsy range is three frames, each with its own specific features.  Various components fit into the clean and modern Mutsy frames such as a travel cot (bassinet), a stroller seat, a car seat (with adaptor), and a fun seat for toddler.  An intelligent click mechanism allows for components to be easily interchanged with a single movement.  This click mechanism is found on the Babysitter chassis as well, so the stroller seat can be clicked in to make a baby rocker.  The flexible system also allows for a child to grow with his/her Mutsy stroller for many years. The Mutsy baby transport collection also features the Slider, a new baby mobility concept with a revolutionary design and the Easygrow high chair and the Grow-Up! booster seat, two of the most stylish mealtime accessories for baby.”


Aubrie has been getting quite restless in her highchair for quite some time now.  She is growing up and wants to be a “big girl” and sit at the dinner table with Mommy, Daddy and Lily, so I knew it was time to find a booster seat.  Aubrie can also be quite squirmy, so I was hoping there were booster seats available with the proper restraints on the market.  I was more than happy to find the Mutsy Grow Up! booster seat!  I received a seat in a vibrant green (Apple) and I immediately noticed how stylish these seats were!  The seat of the chair was soft , but made of a material that was easy to clean.  And guess what?  This seat has a unique 5 poit harness that is not easy to come by in a booster!  PERFECT!  We put the Mutsy seat to the test by serving Aubrie meatballs and spaghetti (is there anything messier?).  Of course, she made a HUGE mess, but the seat was easily wiped off with a damp cloth (Aubrie was much harder to clean!).   



I was absoluetly thrilled with every aspect of the Mutsy Grow Up! booster seat.  This booster seat can be used from the time your child can sit unassisted to about 4 years of age and retails for approximately $59.  This is the first item I have reviewed for this company and I have to say that I have been impressed thus far.   Mutsy also offers an incredible line of strollers that interchange in order to grow with your child. Mutsy offers the ultimate in baby transport flexibility for parents, you can purchase their items in components so you can buy frame and seat, then take seat out and if you have a bassinet, or use a compatible car seat with an adaptor.  Have a toddler?  Use the Fun Seat with your stroller!  I am particularly fond of the 4rider light (the pink is soooo pretty!).

Mutsy has offered the Not-So-Blog readers a 10% discount off your entire order!  Simply enter the code: nsb10  

This review is the opinion of The Experimental Mommy. Others may have a different experience with the product. Thank you to Mutsy for supplying the seat for review.

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