The end of the month is always a busy time for The Experimental Mommy!  LOTS of giveaways have ended and I am ready to hand out the prizes!  Here we go!

Svan Bouncer from OompaThao

AVON Butler Bag:  Andrea V.

LoveIt Notepads:  DG, Nancy, Clarissa N., Joanna P., Karen G.

Two Tinas Blanket: Annmarie W.

Luvs DiapersAshley B.

Kroger gift cards: Shelly aka Allysmama

Jazzy Toes:  Melissa G.

Veronique Maternity gift card:  Katie

Bravado nursing bra:  Joanna P.

Morgan and Milo shoes:  Denise B. (girl shoes) and Chrysa (boy shoes)

Skype subscription and webcams:  Annette D. and Tanya D.

Grace Announcements:  HSB Suzanne

Tiny Tongs:  Elissa

Sonic Limeades for Learning:  MJ

CONGRATS to all the winners!  You will all be emailed shortly.  Please respond within 72 hours to claim your prize!

13 thoughts on “WINNERS!!”

  1. Hooray!!! Thanks for all the congratulations. Congrats to the other winners, too! (I replied to your email.)

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