Hop through your Edible Easter Garden with Wonka!

As a child, my fondest memories of Easter are getting my Easter basket.  Like all kids that love candy, I couldn’t wait to find out what kinds of treats the Easter Bunny brought.  My brothers and I would stash away our precious favorites underneath the Easter grass so no one would find them.  Somehow, Dad always found them anyway!

This year, Wonka is working hard to create some all-time favorites for your baskets with their Easter collection hitting the shelves in your area.  With SweeTARTS Candy Carrots, Springy Double Yummy Gummies, Chocolate Waterfall Eggs, and Scrumdiddlyumtious Chocolate Eggs, there’s something for everyone.     For the first time ever, Wonka is offering premium chocolate!  Wonka Exceptionals Chocolate Waterfall Eggs are an incredible combination of swirled milk and white chocolate.  YUM!  For those who like something other than chocolate, the Springy Double Yummy Gummies are delicious AND adorable. Both of my children very bravely gave up candy for Lent, so they haven’t sampled yet!  My favorite are the Scrumdiddlyuptious Chocolate eggs….chocolate, toffee, crispy cookie, and peanuts.   What’s not to love?  In addition, Wonka candies are very affordable, so the Easter Bunny won’t have to take out a second mortgage to stock up!   Hop on over as fast as you can to stock up!  Wonka candy will make every bunny happy this Easter.

This review is the opinion of Jennifer of Experimental Mommy.  A complimentary product was received to facilitate this review, however all opinions remain 100% honest.

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  1. can’t find the springy gummies anywhere in bradenton, fl. looking for just one bag. have a coupon but time is expiring on the coupon. help!

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