Cool off your summer with Musselmans!

I have two children.  One, like me, needs to be awake for quite awhile before she can even think about breakfast.  My son, on the other hand, needs food the minute his feet hit the floor in the morning or else you have one grumpy child on your hands.  In the summertime, I try to do a little experimenting with breakfast to find things they will like during the school year that are both good for them and easy to fix.

If you have never purchased Musselman’s for your family before, they have an array of great tasting products that are good for them too.  From the website: “Musselman’s is all about great-tasting apple products made from fresh, seasonal apples. Such as, Healthy Picks apple sauce to complement fitness routines and for those watching their sugar intake, Totally Fruit flavored apple sauce for kids, even an organic apple sauce. Plus, apple juice, apple butter and a whole lot of other unique specialty fruit products.”

Patiently awaiting his smoothie to blend....and workin' the bed head hairdo.

This past week, I got a great basket full of goodies from Musselman’s! In my basket were some great recipes for Smoothies, which I decided to test out on my must-have-breakfast-NOW child.   My son was excited to taste something new, and I was thankful to not have to turn on my oven or stove in the summer heat to fix breakfast.  He loved his smoothie and this is definitely something I can continue to fix for the kids easily and quickly.  Musselman’s has some great recipes and ideas for you to try, including the idea of baking with applesauce to save you some calories.   My favorite tip?  Musselman’s recommends freezing the individual cups of applesauce for lunchboxes.  They will thaw out in time for lunch but at the same time, keep the contents of your child’s lunch cool.  Love this idea so much better than an ice pack!

Keep Musselman’s in mind the next time you need a great recipe, and don’t forget to friend them on Facebook too for all the latest news that’s good for you.  🙂

This post is the opinion of Jennifer of The Experimental Mommy.  Others may have a different opinion of the products. While a sample product was received to facilitate this review, all opinions are 100% honest.

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