Delivering my Pampers Miracle Mission

When I was first contacted as a member of Pampers Board about embarking on a Miracle Mission, I was so excited to give back to my community.  But little did I know that my chosen Miracle Mission would be such a fulfilling experience.  A few months ago, I announced my selected Miracle Mission, St. Michael’s Special School in New Orleans, LA.

St. Michael’s provides 200 special needs children with academic, social, vocational and physical education.  My cousin, who passed from the complications of epilepsy, was a student at St. Michael’s.  While I knew this school helped my family in numerous ways, I had no idea the amount of love contained in the building!

When I first contacted St. Michael’s about my $1,000 donation from Pampers, they were elated!  They soon compiled a wish list including art supplies, writing tablets, personal CD players and many more tools to help the students cope with stress.  Shopping was incredibly fun but delivering the gifts was honestly one of the best experiences of my life.

After arriving at the school and meeting with the Assistant Principal, Beth (my cousin and writer at Experimental Mommy), my husband and I were allowed to bring the gifts to the individual classrooms and meet the children and teachers.  Their joyful faces and words of gratitude filled my soul!  We were allowed to take pictures at the school and granted permission to share them with you:

When our gifts were distributed, we took the grand tour of the facility.  St. Michael’s strives to give these special needs children the same experiences as their siblings who may attend other schools in the area.  They have a student council, cheerleaders, choir, and drama club to name a few!  In addition to academic classes, the high school students learn skills such as cooking, personal hygiene, woodworking, and maintaining a home.

St. Michael’s believes that each one of their students is like a blue rose.  Unique and Beautiful….truly Little Miracles.  The happiness of the students and the dedication of the faculty was overwhelming and I can’t thank Pampers enough for allowing me to create a Miracle in my hometown.  Take a moment to visit Pampers on Facebook and learn more about the Miracle Missions initiative.

As a member of the Pampers Baby Board, I received a $1,000 gift card to donate to a local charity.  No compensation was received for this post.

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  1. What a fantastic experience!!! Also what a wonderful organization that benefited. Thanks for sharing those wonderful smiles with us.

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