My Southern Holiday Comforts

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I feel like it was just the fourth of July.  We were just swimming, eating BBQ and watching fireworks with family…weren’t we?  How did we jump to November?  While it’s still warm enough to swim here in New Orleans, it is inevitable that the holidays are coming soon!  The malls are decked in red and green and shoppers are starting all day shopping marathons.  The thrill of finding the perfect gift for a loved one is part of what makes the season magical.  While I love shopping, there are several other things that bring me true Southern Holiday Comfort:

My Comfort.

1.  My fuzzy slippers.  They are pink and black striped and stay in my dresser drawer until the wooden floors in my home become too chilly for bare feet.  Putting on my fuzzy socks after a long day at work close to heaven for me.

2.  A cup of hot chocolate.  If you read this blog, you know that I am no stranger to chocolate.  A cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream and a hint of vanilla extract is divine.

3.  Turkey and gravy. It’s no secret that New Orleanians like to eat.  But there is just something about sitting around a table with your family eating the Thanksgiving turkey to make your year complete.

4.  Our fireplace. It’s a novelty.  It rarely gets cold enough here to actually light the fireplace, so we almost become giddy when the flames are ignited.

5.  My family. My true comfort.  There is no place like the arms of your loved ones to make everything right with the world.  I can be myself and rest assured that I am loved unconditionally.

Tell me about your holiday comforts!

What are you looking forward to this holiday season?

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  1. This year I have to work on christmas day, but thats OK. My holiday comforts are sitting with family quietly eating chocolates. Watching a movie with the lights dimmed and everyone gets their own blanket. I like watching the traditional movies. When the houde is quiet and I’m alone I like to pay christmas carols on the keyboard. Thanks for getting me to think about all this.

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