Challenges with my Picky Eaters {BOOST Essentials Giveaway}

Tonight, I asked my two daughters (age 4 and 7) to list their favorite foods.  The list was long and included things like pizza, candy and of course, doughnuts.  When asked to list their favorite healthy foods, I was greeted with about a minute of silence.  Finally, my youngest said water and my oldest went with corn.  Needless to say, dinnertime can be a battle with my two picky eaters.

While, my husband and I continually offer a variety of foods to our children, it can be more than challenging for them to take a small taste.  We have had some success though with spinach and carrots…a small victory but I’ll take it.  As a Mom, I worry that the kids are not getting their nutritional requirements, so I supplement with vitamins while still working on expanding their taste buds.  Picky eating seems to be widespread throughout my circle of friends with children this age, so it is comforting to know I am not alone.

I am excited to tell you that I am a Boost Kids Essentials Brand Ambassador and for the next several weeks, I will be sharing my journey with my two picky eaters.  On the Boost Facebook page, each week we will be introducing you to a new family struggling with these same issues.  First up is the Brunelle Family!  With both parents working full time outside of the home, I can certainly relate to their mealtime struggles.  The parents worry that their oldest son, Van, who weighs less than the 50% percentile, may get picked on by larger classmates.  Boost Kids Essentials works well with their fast paced lifestyle while providing 24 essential vitamins and nutrient plus 7 grams of protein!  And the best part?  Van loves it!

Do you have a story to share about mealtime struggles?  How do you deal with picky eating in your home?  Share your Story now through June 19th on the Boost Kids Essentials Facebook page for a chance to win some awesome prizes!


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40 thoughts on “Challenges with my Picky Eaters {BOOST Essentials Giveaway}”

  1. I have my childen try 2 bites of everything on their plate. Usually they hate the first one but by the second they realize it isn’t that bad and will sometimes eat more.

  2. You have to at least try what is being served, but I won’t make other food for the picky one.

  3. I need the tips, I have the pickiest eaters ever! I occasionally make a variation of what we are eating to accommodate them and I make at least one side dish that they like.

  4. We have a one bite rule for ever food, every meal, and sometimes it leads to my daughter discovering that she really does like something after all.

  5. I have the kids help me make dinner. They are more likely to want to eat something they helped make. LOL

  6. i tell them- if you eat some of your dinner- i;ll take you outside to play and etc…i hope thats not bad?

    but it works-
    tcogbill at live dot com

  7. Have at least one bite, and if they do not want to eat what’s on their plate, they don’t have to; but no further desserts or snacks.

  8. lots of patience dont make it a battle keep offering healthy foods dont let them fill up on juice and snacks

  9. Carrots and turnips won’t get past my grandkids- until I puree them and add a cupful to Chili or Speghetti sauce…then I stand back and watch them enjoy.

  10. I love “The sneaky chef” 🙂 Comes in handy in situations where I’m needing my kids to eat things they don’t want to.

  11. I tell my kids and grandkids i dont have time to run a short order kitchen……i always cook several things for dinner and they can pick something

  12. DON’T make a fuss about it, particularly when they’re young. Give them the opportunity to make their own choices about what they eat, don’t assume refusal today means refusal tomorrow, and model good choices.

  13. My oldest son is the most incredibly picky eater on planet earth. This has been an ongoing issue since he was about 5 and he is 15 now! He won’t eat anything that has any color in it, he sticks to things like bread, potatoes, pasta, rice, cheese, cheese sauce, that kind of thing! he doesn’t even like fruit, veg, ketch up, sauces, nothing a “normal” teen might like. he won’t eat baked potatoes but he’ll eat mashed! He will eat veg when I hide them – been doing that for years and I also give him multi vitamins now because it is beyond a joke! He is more stubborn as he is getting older and he still refuses to even try it to see if he likes it! Hopefully he will snap out of it but seeing as his biological father only eats chicken, steak, potatoes and what not, I don’t see much hope! My other children eat everything!!

    I find hiding the veggies to be a success and smoothies too!

    I never did make a fuss over it but 10 years later, he still refuses to eat anything good for him!

  14. WE cut up veggies into fun shapes…..if they dont eat them at dinner they go into the juicer for their morning shake 🙂

  15. I always make sure that there is one item on the plate I know they will love. It is kind of an incentive to at least try the foods they are not sure of or not fond of.

  16. They need to try something at least once. I won’t force them to eat something they don’t like.

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