American Girl Cafe in NYC {Our Experience}

As a Mom of two girls ages 4 and 7, American Girl is part of our daily lives.  Both girls received American Girl dolls from Santa last year and have been inseparable ever since.  When the newest catalog comes in the mail, both of my daughters run to browse the pages and see what’s coming out next.  My oldest has really loved the American Girl books, too. This is one company that I can stand behind as they celebrate girls today and teach what they can become tomorrow.  I love their inspirational and educational stories told through historical characters and how these dolls encourage imaginative play in my home.

Because we live in New Orleans, my girls have no idea that there are actual American Girl stores and experiences (they think it exists only in catalogs and online).  So, I was thrilled to surprise them on a recent trip to New York with a visit to the American Girl Store and Cafe!  The store, which is located at 609 Fifth Avenue at 49th Street, features specialty shopping, private dining, birthday experiences, a doll hospital and the infamous doll salon.

Before we left home, I made sure that the girls packed their American Girls and we headed to NYC.  When we arrived at the store, the looks on their faces were priceless as they couldn’t believe there was a WHOLE STORE just for doll clothes and accessories!  After about 30 minutes of shopping, we headed to the American Girl Cafe for lunch.  As we entered, each girl was given a high chair so their dolls could enjoy the meal, too.  The Cafe is decorated in pink, white and black and is exactly how you would picture a tea party in your dreams.

For starters, we were served mini cinnamon rolls which were a huge hit, of course, followed by a tray of fruit, cheese and veggies.  The girls both ordered baked chicken strips with mac and cheese, while my husband and I got a spinach and strawberry salad.  The food was displayed beautifully and tasted great!  The servers really interacted with the kids and made them feel special and it was so fun to see my girls “feed” their dolls.

After lunch, we surprised my girls with a trip to the doll salon!  Before our appointment, the girls looked over the endless style options and selected the one just right for their doll.  When it was our turn, the doll was seated in a style chair and covered with an apron (just like a real salon!).  The stylist explained to the girls the best way to take good care of their dolls hair and we watched as she put every hair back in place.

Our experience at the American Girl Store and Cafe in NYC was incredible.  Both of my daughters had a great time and I am so glad that we made a memory that will last forever!  Take a minute to find an American Girl Store near you!

The post is the opinion of Experimental Mommy.  Complimentary meals at the American Girl Store NYC were provided, but all opinions remain 100% my own.


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  1. Enjoyed your post. We live in NY and have been there. My neice adores this store, it was like heaven to her. I got her twin dolls, and a pet and some clothes. It is very expensive though, so we don’t go often. I have found that I can pick up accesories at yard sales here for a fraction of the cost. She wanted a stroller there but it was too much, and we got that for $5 and all I had to do was clean it up. The dolls are so great and worth all the money and love the message behing them as well. The books are great too.

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