Skeeter Snacks are Nut-Free and Delicious! {Giveaway}

Don’t you just love when your child comes home from school and informs you that it is his or her turn to bring snacks for the entire class?  I always try and send something that all of the children would enjoy but there always seems to be a couple of children who are allergic to peanuts or tree nuts in my son’s class.  I couldn’t believe the amount products that say produced in a factory that manufactures nut products!

Skeeter Snacks is a totally nut free snack maker and they have come up with a solution to the nut allergy problem.  No need to send an extra snack for the child that has the allergy, these cookies are so tasty that everyone will enjoy them.  I asked my husband to taste one without telling him what they were and he thought they were great.

From the website:

While there are other products available in the broadly defined “allergen” and “intolerance” markets, we have focused exclusively on the peanut and nut-free problem. There are two reasons for this. First, nut allergies are the most dangerous and among the most prevalent. Second, we can focus exclusively on peanut and tree nut allergies and still make a product that tastes great to both kids and adults and is priced within the means of most families (nut allergies impact all geographic and socioeconomic groups equally yet too many of the solutions are elitist in their price points). Personally, we don’t want to have to buy separate snacks for our other kids who don’t have allergies, and we figure our customers feel the same way. We want to make snacks that are safe and delicious for everyone!

Developed by two dads with children that have nut allergies, Skeeter Snacks has gone the extra mile to insure that there are no nuts anywhere in their facility.  According to their website they don’t even allow nut products in the vending machines in the factory’s employee break room, now that is commitment! The best thing about the cookies is that they don’t taste like ‘allergy food.’  We tested each of the three flavors, Chocolate Chunk, Skeeter Doodle and Golden Oatmeal.  They all had a great taste to them, but my personal favorite was the Chocolate Chunk and my son agrees with me.  However, my husband really enjoyed the Skeeter Doodle the best, but I won’t turn down any of the flavors.


Not only are you getting a snack that is safe for everyone to enjoy, they are sold at a very reasonable price.   If ordered online you receive 6 packs (that’s 12 cookies) for only $3.99.  Skeeter Snacks are available at major retailers nationwide and online at SkeeterSnacks.com.

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This post is the opinion of Beth of Experimental Mommy. Others may have a differing opinion of the products. While a sample product was received to facilitate this review, all opinions are 100% honest.

Happy Snacking!

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  1. AUUUHH YEEAUUH SKEETER YEEAUUHHHH! The Oatmeal sounds like the best day of my life in a cookie! lol I would eat those animal style…face first. LOOK MA NO HANDS! lol

  2. I ordered these for a friend whose grandson has severe nut allergies. His siblings will even be glad they can have a cookie in their own house!

  3. I ordered these for a friend whose grandson has severe nut allergies. His siblings will even be glad they can have a cookie in their own house!

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