Interview with an Athletic Trainer: Keeping Our Young Athletes Safe

Learn more about Youth Sports Safety as we interview Mr. Tory Lindley, President of the National Athletic Trainers’ Association.

92 thoughts on “Interview with an Athletic Trainer: Keeping Our Young Athletes Safe”

  1. The benefit of an AT at a school daily is incredibly valuable in so many ways. From mentor to mental health to physical health to confidant to educator for both the HS athlete and parent is so important!

  2. Amanda, athletic trainers education is comprised of prevention, emergency care, clinical diagnosis, therapeutic intervention and rehabilitation of injuries and medical conditions.

  3. Amanda, to add on… the nata.org website has a more in depth description of the educational competencies that athletic trainers have to learn while in school and maintain certification by completing continuing education units once board certified. I hope this will help you find your answer.

  4. Baseball…just found out that year ago he overtrained pushed him self to low calorie intake was fatiged low energy and weakness off and on since found out that event messed up his thyroid it stressed his system. Numbers on all thyroid tests were low and protein high. Seeing a naturopath now to get him healthy.

  5. I have a safety tip to offer that I learned at a little league help meeting years ago here in Oklahoma after a child went missing from a game once:
    Don’t personalize your vehicle, bags, water bottles etc. with your child’s name and number. Those cute stickers that say “Rebecca #21” that have the profile of a soccer player? They give predators 3 clues about where and when to find your kid. Then, all they do is go to the field near your vehicle, find #21, yell “Rebecca!!” And tell her some line about her parents being in an accident and we have to “Go quick!”
    Predator has your kid.
    Since then, all my personalized stuff has just said “Bulldog Momma” or the like. Let them try to kidnap ME! Ha!!

  6. My son plays football, baseball and basketball. He just got injured after his first football game sophomore year by breaking his foot. So needless to say he will be out for the season.

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