Phonics Fun with the Wonster Words App

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As a child, I absolutely loved to read. If I wasn’t at the dance studio, I generally had my nose stuck in a book and I have to say that I believe my reading proficiency contributed to my love of learning and success in school. So when I had two daughters of my own, I hoped to pass on my love of reading to them. I still cherish the time spent reading to them every night, and watching their faces light up with pride when learning to read the words on their own.

Wonster Words App

Now, kids ages 3-6 can learn phonics in a fun new way with the free app, Wonster Words. Inspired by Sesame Street, Wonster Words is an award-winning iOS & Android game that helps kids learn to sound out words. It introduces basic word families with animated letters, related stories and fun games.

Wonster Words

Once opening the app, your child can click on “phonics” which allows them to then choose which word family to focus on (AT, IT, CH, OT, ET, etc.). After selecting a word family, your child can select one of several themes to play. Depending on the theme selected, a related word will appear and letters fly through the air in order to match them to the word. After correctly matching the letters, your child is rewarded with a fun story related to the word to reinforce word definitions. The stories cover popular themes like birthdays, friendships and nature. I love that Wonster Words encourages learning without scoring, quizzing, limits, or stress making learning fun!

Wonster Words App

The app has been expanded for the holidays which now includes Wonster Island! In addition to phonics, your child can now select from new educational biomes covering Math, Science, Art & Music, and Stories. Each biome has several engaging mini-games that are similar to the app, Puzzingo.

Wonster Words App

If you have little ones that are ready to learn all about phonics, you can download the free app (with in-app purchases), Wonster Words on iOS, Google Play or Amazon.


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