I Am Stepping Up to the Sink with Dawn for Furloughed Employees

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As a furloughed Federal employee myself, I know firsthand how difficult this government shutdown has been on local families. Now entering Day 33, Federal employees are on the brink of missing paycheck #2 and are no doubt trying to figure out how to tighten the budget. For me, this means choosing what bills to pay, preparing the most economical meals for my family, clipping coupons and absolutely NO eating out. So, when Dawn contacted me and wanted to know how they could help furloughed Federal employees like myself, I was more than happy to help!

Step Up to the Sink

Dawn has just launched their “Step Up to the Sink” program which encourages people to “step up” and help those who need it – starting with the dishes. Volunteering to wash a friend’s dishes is a small act of kindness that not only shows you care but it’s also one that everyone can rally around to pay it forward. While I can’t visit everyone’s home to help with the dishes, I did want to provide a stress-free night out for families affected by the government shutdown.

Step Up to the Sink

Dawn Step Up to the Sink

Dawn Gift Basket

On behalf of Dawn, Renee, a fellow blogger, good friend, and furloughed employee, and I hosted a dinner for furloughed Federal employees and their immediate families at Desi Vega’s Prime Burgers & Shakes. Each guest received a free burger, fries, and milkshake along with a gift basket filled with Dawn and our favorite P&G products. We were also able to surprise guests with door prizes including larger product gift baskets and grocery gift cards.

Step Up to the Sink

Renee and I were delighted to offer a helping hand during this particularly difficult time. Allowing families, including my own, to have a night out to spend some quality time together and regain some sense of normalcy was truly gratifying and humbling. But the best part was listening to guests trying to figure how they could “Step Up to the Sink” and pay it forward even during their own time of need.

Step Up to the Sink

I’m so happy I got the opportunity to #StepUpToTheSink with Dawn and I encourage everyone to “step up” and help  others who may need it – starting with the dishes. Whether it’s a new mom, a sick neighbor, or an injured co-worker, it’s so easy to show you care with a simple act of kindness. I nominate Ellen from That Chic Mom and Tiany from Baton Rouge Moms to #StepUpToTheSink! Share how you were able to make a difference for someone special and then pass on the kindness by nominating two to three more people using the hashtag #StepUpToTheSink.

Thank you to Dawn for supporting furloughed Federal employees. This act of kindness will not be forgotten.



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