Glow Crazy: Review and Giveaway

I can sum up our Summer so far in one word….HOT.  Here is Southeast Louisiana, we have had few days where the kids can go outside and enjoy our swingset or even take a walk to the park to ride bikes.  We have had more than our fair share of “indoor” days to avoid the … Read more

Fire Back at Summer Boredom with Zing Toys!

Right around the middle of the summer, I hear the dreaded phrase….wait for it….”I’M BORED!”  This brief statement is enough to make me want to pull my hair out.  But, I guess I sympathize a little that once life slows down, kids tend to not know what to do with themselves.  I don’t want them … Read more

Creativity for Kids: Fashion Headbands Review and Giveaway

With two girls in my home, we just can’t get enough of hair accessories!  Bows, barrettes, ponytails and ribbons are precious possessions, but above all is the headband….especially if it’s pink and sparkly.  My girls can spend hours in our local accessory store at the mall, so I knew they would love the opportunity to … Read more

Kidorable Ballerina Collection: Review and Giveaway

Last year, we decided to take this kids to their very first New Orleans Jazz Fest!  If you’ve never been (what are you waiting for?!?), the festival takes place at the Fairgrounds and brings together some amazing music and food promising a fun time for all.  However, it POURED the day before the festival and … Read more