A Touch of Whimsy Designs: Review

hypothesis The personalized student money envelopes from A Touch of Whimsy Designs will make communicating with Lily’s preschool teacher much easier and organized (and be insanely cute, too!).


One set of personalized student money envelopes (20 envelopes), a preschooler, and several after care, field trip, book order, and lunch money payments.  About A Touch of Whimsy:

“A love of doodling, a desire to create and a wish to make people smile. This is the makeup of a self proclaimed workaholic oozing with craftiness and brainchild behind A Touch of Whimsy Designs. Yep, that’s me in a nutshell. Originally from Long Island, New York (pronounced Lawn Guyland for those not familiar with the accent) my expressive and entrepreneurial side took over and in 2004, A Touch of Whimsy Designs was born! It’s been an adventure ever since and we now operate out of beautiful North Carolina.

I’m very passionate about my work and want to create a fun and whimsical way to add a smile into someone’s day. I hope my designs help you do just that! My customers are truly amazed at our super affordable prices given the high quality items they receive. I’m so proud to offer such items and love the wonderful feedback from my customers!”


I have been a long time customer of A Touch of Whimsy designs, so I can tell you first hand that these products amazing!  The personal touches of Gina’s work makes your item a true one of a kind.  Last year, Lily entered an Early Childhood program at a local school and I was looking for a way to communicate with her teacher without the fear of the money sent to school would get lost or misappropriated.  The personalized student money envelopes let me do just that!  I was able to personalize the envelope with Lily’s name and any activities that I thought I would need to send money for such as after school care, lunch money, book orders, field trips, etc.  The first time I sent one to school,  Lily’s teacher sent me a note singing the praises of this envelope system!



Although these envelopes are incredible, A Touch of Whimsy offers so much more!  Check out all of the products that would be great for school, mommy calling cards, stickers and labels, and invitations for all occasions!  The quality, service, and timeliness of this mom run business is first rate!

Want to try out the products at A Touch of Whimsy Designs?  Come back Monday when I will be launching a Back to School Giveaway series including a gift card to A Touch of Whimsy!  You do not want to miss these giveaways for all ages (even Moms and Dads, too!)!

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