Why We Never Travel Without CozyPhones

This post was written by Janette of Experimental Mommy in partnership with Cozy Phones. All opinions are 100% honest.

With everyone in our family having their own device, I am always asking someone to turn down the volume or to go listen to their device in another room. On family road trips, however, we simply can’t escape the noise! Over-the-ear headphones and earbuds are a good but often uncomfortable solution for little ears.  For example, earbuds don’t fit properly in my 6-year-old ears and the over-the-ear headphone set is extremely bulky and slips right off the toddler ears of my 2 year old. And have you ever tried laying on your side with ear buds in your ears? Ouch! Not very comfortable.

CozyPhones on toddler
Thankfully, CozyPhones has been a perfect solution for my family! This is the first pair of headphones that my 2-year-old can wear without fidgeting and my 6-year-old wears without becoming frustrated by the constant readjustment of her ear buds. Plus, they are just too darn cute! The adorable fun characters of CozyPhones made this a perfect addition to our already abundant stash of dress up costumes and accessories. The purple frog was appealing to both of my girls- a fun source of pretend for my 2-year-old, and a cool headband for my 6-year-old- both girls immediately grabbed the CozyPhones and new exactly how they would wear it expressing their own style.

The soft headband slides on comfortably and the embedded speakers adjust easily within the headband to fit to any pair of ears or preference. My 6-year-old preferred the speakers directly over her ears but for my youngest, we placed the speakers just behind her ears in anticipation of the volume becoming too loud as she controlled her own device. However, volume became something we did not have to worry about after all! CozyPhones come volume limited at 85 decibels. Our minds were put at ease knowing her hearing wouldn’t be damaged by the limitless volume control of a toddler.

CozyPhones on toddler
Because both of my girls have been wearing the CozyPhones, I was relieved to learn that the braided cord is more durable than your typical plastic cord that often wears or breaks if pulled on and will fit into just about any device. The cord is located at the back of the headband. With this design, we could nestle the cord behind the 2-year old’s back when in her car seat so that she wouldn’t pull at it, or it wouldn’t be in her way. The 6-year-old will tuck the cord just under her arm as she holds her device in front of her. With 36 inches of cord, there was plenty of slack to be comfortable, but never too much that it would be in the way. Neither girl seemed bothered by the cord at all.

From reducing competitive noise levels from each device to sleeping and relaxing comfortably to being active and hands-free, these headphone headbands fit all our needs. The only problem we have now is that my husband and I each need a pair! Luckily, CozyPhones makes adult sizes as well. At just about $20.00 each, we can all have our own pair of CozyPhones.

7 thoughts on “Why We Never Travel Without CozyPhones”

  1. They’re adorable and they won’t fall off which is the case with most headphones especially when the kids move around. Love that the cord is at the back! So convenient!

  2. This is so cute and innovative. It doesnt even look like headphones and I can see this being a great accessory for kids as this would be comfy for them.

  3. Those headphones look incredible. We travel a ton and I will have to pick this up for my kiddies!

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