Giving Thanks for Popsicle “Better for You” Treats

This post was created in connection with my appointment as an Ambassador in the Popsicle® Blogger Program. Visit www.facebook.com/popsicle to join the conversation. The whipping of the wind outside tells me that the holiday season is upon us.  In just two weeks, I will be sitting down with family to give thanks and share a … Read more

Fight Holiday Stains with Whirlpool

With Christmas just around the corner, I am officially is panic mode.  Forget that I still have presents to buy and wrap, but I am hosting Christmas dinner at my home for my entire family.  From now until Christmas Day, I will be cleaning, washing and baking until the wee hours of the morning. My … Read more

Survive the Holidays with Marie Callender’s Peppermint Pie

There are officially two weeks till Christmas and I have so much to do.  From shopping for gifts to mailing our family cards, time is definitely not on my side.  Wouldn’t it be nice to slow down and savor the holiday season instead of running through it at lightening speed? Recently, I shared with you … Read more

“Treat” Yourself with The Swiss Colony Cupcakes {Giveaway}

With the holiday season well under way, how are you doing on that shopping list?  Can you believe that I haven’t even made my list yet? Fortunately, my entire family lives here in New Orleans, so I don’t have to worry about getting gifts in the mail for Christmas delivery, but I bet many of … Read more

Elf Magic: The Arrival of Jingles

Last year, we were so excited to have some Elf Magic in our home during the holiday season.  As soon as the last piece of turkey was eaten on Thanksgiving Day, my daughters were both looking for our elf friend and began leaving notes in hopes that their wish would be heard by the big … Read more